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Get out the vote through social networking

About VoteWithMe

Election Day is almost here. Are your friends going to vote? Do they know where to vote? Or who they are voting for up and down the ballot? VoteWithMe is an experiment in personalizing voter outreach to help you get out the vote (GOTV).

VoteWithMe gives you a list of the top 10 highest-impact potential voters in your address book to get in touch with -- based on the likelihood that they support progressive candidates, and that they live in states with the most competitive races. Then it's up to you to remind each of them to vote, and provide them with any resources you think they'll need! Do your part, help us GOTV!

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What VoteWithMe Does

The VoteWithMe app provides you with the top 10 contacts from your address book who we're worried won't turn out to vote. Then, all you have to do is text them and remind them to vote -- and if you want, provide them with more information and resources as needed.

Don't worry about not knowing what to say: We've got links and suggested messages for you. Feel free to copy and paste them!

How VoteWithMe Works

This app uses our algorithm to examine entries in your contact book and determines who we're worried about not showing up on election day. Then, it gives you the top 10 contacts that fit this profile so you can target your outreach efforts. All you need to do is personally reach out to those 10 friends and make sure they show up on election day (or earlier, with early voting!).

We're committed to maximizing turnout, and we believe that personal contacts can be highly effective. This app is part of an experiment to test that. After the election, we'll be using our data science expertise to figure out how your efforts did relative to traditional campaign methods. We recommend that you contact all the people on the list we give you, but we appreciate any effort you're able to put in.

Partner Information

This is paid for by Civic Innovation Works and powered by Civis Analytics. App functionality questions can be directed to

Civic Innovation Works is a social welfare organization that exists to facilitate the conduct of scientific research into pressing questions that pertain to how citizens can be motivated to increase their engagement in civic matters, such as:

  • Research into how civic groups can most effectively increase voter participation through citizen contact programs, such as sending mail, email, phone calls, door-knocking, or running paid advertisements online, on television, on radio and in print publications.
  • Research into how to most effectively increase popular education around matters of public policy, such as trying to discover which methods of citizen contact are more persuasive, which kinds of messages are most effective, and other factors that can increase or decrease the effectiveness of popular education campaigns.
  • Research into how to positively affect grassroots participation in cultural and issue advocacy, such as trying to find more effective ways to recruit social cause volunteers, evaluating the effects of new technology on volunteerism and grassroots advocacy, and better understanding what motivates citizens to participate in public policy debates and advocacy.

Civic Innovation Works accomplishes these goals by running and measuring the effects of public outreach campaigns that pertain to civic participation, popular education and grassroots advocacy. We welcome new ideas from academic partners and civic groups! Please contact us at